Safety Management Systems (SMS)

The key enabler for the delivery of safe aviation is establishing an effective Safety Management System (SMS). This is a regulatory requirement and is good for your business helping with the identification and management of your risks. We offer bespoke safety solutions tailored to your company’s needs ensuring they are both suitable and affordable thereby allowing the smaller organisation to benefit as well as larger aviation organisations.

We offer you:

Tailored Safety Solutions

Aero Compliance Plus Ltd will work with your organisation to establish your Safety Management Systems (SMS) needs. We can help you customise your SMS to reflect your business and your activities. Whether you are a SME or larger organisation we can help you implement an effective SMS that is fit for purpose and makes good sense for your organisation.


Subject Matter Expertise Support

Our expertise is drawn from a wealth of regulatory and industry experience in the safety management systems, within the UK and internationally. This experience includes both development of the associated regulation and the practical implementation at all levels and across all sectors of the aviation system. We will work closely with your organisation to provide advice and guidance and deliver a bespoke package based on your needs, influenced by our experience and knowledge.

This can be achieved through a range of packages:

Safety Management System Implementation

Our packages can help you implement your bespoke safety management system to take you through Phase 1 and 2 implementation and prepare you for CAA SMS assessments. This will be achieved by assessing the maturity of your existing system and working with you to initiate or complete your journey to successful delivery of an effective safety management system. /read SMS Implementation package description


Re-energising your Safety Management Systems

Where implementation has become stalled or has failed to deliver the desired effect, we can assist you in identifying and understanding the blockers. This will then enable us to work with you to undertake any necessary rectification action or revise your approach to allow you to complete your journey to successful SMS implementation.


Safety Management System Audit and Assessment

We can provide an independent audit or assessment of your safety management system, to allow you to understand how effective your system is. This will include recommendations for continuous improvement, allowing you to initiate constructive change.


Hazard and Risk Management

We can provide support for the developing your hazard and risk management processes, including a consistent approach to risk assessment and hazard identification. This will include support for the management of change process and development of relevant risk management tools.

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