Bespoke Training Tailored to your Requirements

Aero Compliance Plus Ltd can deliver bespoke training packages to address your needs, they can be customised to reflect your operations and approvals, and wherever possible, these will be delivered on site to provide minimum disruption and to reduce cost to your business.

Training Packages

Package costs are based upon the client providing the on-site training facilities and the scope of training to be delivered. A maximum number of candidates per course will need to be agreed.

We will also need to consider availability of suitable presentation equipment, wifi connectivity, and the classroom environmental conditions. ACP could source suitable external facilities, and these can be arranged at cost plus a small administration fee.  We are very happy to discuss and agree these items with you.

Civil and Defence Regulation

In this ever changing world of regulations, you can be assured that Aero Compliance Plus Ltd will deliver a range of training containing the latest updates to regulations, we will also provide an understanding into the declared intent of those regulations to help you apply them in your company. Our current regulatory scope covers:

  • Safety Management Systems
  • Human Factors
  • EASA Part 145
  • EASA Part CAMO
  • EASA Part M
  • EU 376 2014 Occurrence Reporting
  • Root Cause Analysis


Safety Management System Implementation

We can provide you with SMS training that is appropriate for all your participating managers and staff. This will focus on how your SMS works as well as providing an overview of some of the more important principles of SMS. We can also provide additional practical training for staff involved in safety investigations, risk assessments and safety performance monitoring. Aero Compliance Plus Ltd can also deliver a one to one training course for your SMS manager that covers the regulatory framework and the practical principles of safety management this would be tailored to suit your organisation.


SMS Refresher Training

Aero Compliance Plus Ltd can also help develop and deliver SMS refresher training tailored to your SMS, focusing on lessons learnt from internal and external reports and events.


Root cause analysis

We believe that root cause analysis is an essential part of any SMS and compliance system, Aero Compliance Plus Ltd can provide training to your staff on root cause analysis. This would include some practical exercises using some of the simpler root cause analysis tools that are available.

Compliance Monitoring and Audit Techniques

We can provide audit techniques training to your audit staff and managers. This would include a short orientation session but in the main it would be practical ‘on the job’ training carrying out an audit in your organisation.


Human Factors

We can provide Human Factors on site training to your staff which is tailored to your organisation and its activities. This would include helping your staff to understand their own human performance limitations and how they can manage them. We can also develop a workshop for your managers to help them understand and influence proactive and effective human performance. This would also include training on just culture and safety culture as these are key enablers in you having a safe and strong business.

For more information on this service

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